Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Hello and welcome back... I found this interesting.

Documentary about Synth God 'Gary Numan' and the story behind his music in five parts.








Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hello and welcome back... Such an amazing song.

Grew up listening to this song on heavy radio rotation in Sydney, mostly 2SM & Triple M from 1985

Man, gotta say, this takes me back, long hot Summer, Swimming in my next door neighbors pool, so wish i could go back..

Australian band Eurogliders with Grace Knight & Bernie Lynch at the helm, Eurogliders were the sound of Australian 80s.



Tuesday, April 3, 2018

GENESIS - INVISIBLE TOUCH TOUR 1987 (Live Concert - Wembley)

Hello and welcome back... 2 of the best concerts in the 80s.

1. Genesis - Invisible Touch Tour at Wembley Stadium 1987.
2. Queen - Live at Wembley 1986

If i had a time machine, these are the two concerts i would go see, a pure stellar moment in time.

This video is from a DVD and sounds wicked, video is ok at 240p but is still worth cranking the headphones for a electric performance.


HUGE Thanks for Marquitos Satto for this outstanding video


Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Hello and welcome back... MARCH 30th 2018, That's when this wicked movie comes out...

Go Full Screen and Turn it Up.


The Soundtrack is looking pretty good as well...



Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hello and welcome back... Thought this might interest you.

For years I have been carrying 2 devices with me... My mobile phone (Apple 3GS) and my Ipod Touch (5th Gen).
But it was time for a change, it was time to merge the devices together.

I'm not rich, far from it.
Because of injury's i sustained in a car / work accident, i am now on the disability pension and in considerable pain every day.
When i get the chance to get something new like a new phone, (my last phone was 10 years old), I have to make a choice, that is going to last about 5-7 years before i can get another one.
So it has to be the right choice.

Music is my lifeline. When pain & depression kicks in, I find music helps... Alot
Moving on...

I was an Apple fan boy.
I loved all thing Apple, but these last few years i have changed my mind.
I had the chance to play with my sons Iphone 7.
First thing i notice is that 'No Headphone Socket'
"But you can use a adapter" was my sons explanation but if you want to charge the phone you can't use the headphones.
I had a listen to some music using the adapter and can't say i was impressed, in fact, i would say the old Ipod Touch sounded better, it sounded 'crisper'
Then there's no support for 24Bit Flac files.
Sure you can download the Onkyo app but you have to pay for it (the free version doesn't support FLAC)
Another thing that i found using the Iphone 7 and the Ipod touch, everything is the same, same menu, same layout.
I just found the whole thing 'boring'
Take a look at the Ipod Classic. It looked different, felt different...
You can go from a Iphone 5 to a Iphone 8 and apart from a speed difference, not much has changed, not music wise... It all sounds the same.

Then there is Itunes. Its still doesn't (to this day) support FLAC files or 24Bit Audio.

But I still like Itunes mostly because the AAC file format sounds better than MP3.
MP3 tends to sound 'watery' if that makes sense on some tracks.

Moving On

Doing weeks of research, I came to the realization that my new phone would have to be an Android phone.
Android supports FLAC and some even supports 24BIT Audio.
It also supports expansion cards for turning your 64GB phone into a 256GB phone... Something Apple refuses to do.


1. HTC 10 (Has a 24Bit DAC (Digital Audio Converter) and Headphone Amp built in).. Cost $450
2. LG V20 /V30 (32Bit Quad DAC built in) Cost around $799- $999
3. ZTE AXOM 7 (32Bit AKM DAC) Cost $380 (very limited software in phone)
4. SONY XPERIA XZ Cost $550 - 650
5. SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 Cost $800-900


Why did i choose the Sony?

3 Reasons why I chose the Sony over all the others

1. The Xperia supports 24Bit Flac audio (most HI-Res Audio that you buy from various online stores are downloaded in 24BIT FLAC) and no need to buy additional apps. It just works.
A gold HR will show in the corner of your album art.

2. A clever invention called DSEE HX... What the heck is that i hear you ask??
DSEE HX is built in to the Sony music player and upscales your existing music to near 24bit sound.
This is seriously amazing... It really brings your music to life.
How to explain it = It expands and enhances the little sounds in the background of your music. Those nearly impossible synths, guitars, etc, etc that you can hardly hear due to compression suddenly are noticeable again.
It really has to be heard to understand what i'm talking about.

The thing is, when you have been listening for a while with DSEE HX turned on and then you turn it off in the menu setting, It really makes a difference... Your original music sounds very...Flat.

 From Sony's Website = The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) upscales your compressed digital music files (MP3, ACC, ATRAC and WMA) and takes them closer to the quality of High-Resolution Audio.
By restoring the high-range sound lost in the compression process, DSEE HX produces your digital music files in rich, natural sound, closer to the quality of the original recording.

3. Headphone Optimization
What this clever thing does, it listens to your music for around 10secs while your listening and adjusts the sound coming into your headphones.
I use two different set of headphones.
1.Apple 'bud' headphones
2. Sony Noise Reduction headphones.
I find i use the apple headphones alot, they are easy to put in your ears, not like those other phones that you push into your ear canal, can't stand them... horrid
After about 10sec of using the bud headphones, you can hear the optimization kick in... Suddenly there's more bass, more clarity.... they sound more 'fuller'
Funny enough, on the Sony's i prefer to turn the optimization off as it tends to take away some of the detail.
I am very impressed with the sound i get from my setup, and i am veeery picky about sound.

Sony Xperia XZ also supports LDAC = HI-Res Audio over Bluetooth (great for Bluetooth Headphones)

There is also Surround Sound settings (prob like most other Android phones) but i don't use them.

So there you have it.

If your an 80s music lover and want to breath new life into your music collection, I highly recommend the Sony Xperia XZ phone for music listening.

*** Note, this post is my own thoughts, its not sponsored by Sony or Apple.
If i love a product, i like to write about it so that someone in the same situation may enjoy reading about certain products, like i do ****

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